Togetherhood® is the YMCA’s signature program in the area of Social Responsibility. This program provides members and community with rewarding opportunities to give back and support our neighbors through volunteer projects that address real need to others.

In Togetherhood® events  expanded to support most urgent community needs including blood donations, food drives, baby pantries, emergency child care, wellness check-ins for seniors, COVID-19 testing, and more. We are grateful to our volunteers and sustaining members who have helped to give back at this most critical time of need for many. Here’s how your support of the Y has impacted the lives of individuals, children and families in our community. Thank you!

See our full list of 2022 Togetherhood® events.

How To Help

When we come together anything can be accomplished. Learn about needs and ways you can help as a Togetherhood® Volunteer.

Your support of food drives and distribution of crisis boxes to communities in need benefits food bank partners like Fulfill, Lunch Break, Old Bridge Food Pantry, Atlantic Highlands United Methodist Church Food Pantry, and Freehold Food Safety Net. E-mail to sign up.

Our next “Drop & Go” food drive will be shared on this page.

Help Stock “Drop & Go” Baby Pantry

Support local families in need of basic supplies by collecting the following baby pantry items. Drop items at the door of our Center during business hours, Mon-Fri, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. or ship to the center directly via Amazon orders:

Bayshore Family Success Center 945 State Highway 36 | Leonardo, NJ 07737

> Diapers (Packaged or in a sleeve. No loose diapers.)
> Baby Wipes
> Formula (Powder only. Unopened/unexpired)

Only the basics, please. No toys, clothing or other items will be accepted. Thank you for your invaluable support to serve those most vulnerable in our community.

Give Life at Blood Drives

Due to COVID-19, there is a severe shortage of blood. Donations are needed urgently. To support this
critical need, the Y continues to open our gymnasiums to host blood drives.

> Red Bank Family YMCA | TBD

> Old Bridge Family YMCA | TBD

Extreme precaution is taken to protect all donors. Thank you for your invaluable support to serve those most vulnerable in our community.



How to Get Help

If your immediate food needs are urgent, please visit Fulfill and Lunch Break for more food pantry times and locations. The Y is hosting Fulfill crisis relief box and fresh food distribution. Food relief is always free of charge, subject to availability, and supported by donors, volunteers, and staff.

We are working with local community partners to support local efforts. If your immediate food needs are urgent, please visit Fulfill, Lunch Break, and Old Bridge Food Bank for food pantry times and locations.

Key Benefits of Togetherhood®

Good for Individuals:

Volunteering improves people’s well-being, helps them forge strong relationships, and gives them an outlet to explore their passions and discover their purpose.

Good for Community:

Togetherhood® leverages the Y’s powerful network and cause-driven mission to unlock people’s potential to improve lives and contribute to a stronger and more connected society.

Good for the Y:

Togetherhood® leverages the Y’s mission as a nonprofit organization. The Y helps us envision a strong community locally, nationally and globally.

For more information on the national Togetherhood® initiative, please visit