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“I love your staff! I called to check on Holden -he was out sick yesterday. Stomach bug. The pediatrician said he could’ve gone in to child care, but I didn’t think that was fair to the teachers and kids. When I called today Lori told me he was cranky/fussy but was still so positive and made me feel like he’s so well taken care of! He’s only been there a month and they seem to know him so well already!”–Emily Gelbard Lurie

470 East Freehold Road
Freehold, NJ 07728

Contact: Katie Rouse
732.462.0464 ext 114

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Discover a world of education and enrichment!

The Freehold YMCA provides safe and secure child care for infants, toddlers, pre-school & pre-K (Ages 6 weeks to 5 years). Our State Licensed Child Care Enrichment Center has been designed to provide your child 6 weeks to 5 years of age with the best possible learning opportunities in a warm, safe and loving environment. Flexible Full and Half days are available.

  • Ages 6 weeks to 5 years
  • 7am-6:30pm
  • Part time, full time and extended days available
  • Weekly music class
  • Spanish Language Adventure Program for Preschool & Pre-K classes
  • 2 field trips per year for Preschool & Pre-K classes
  • Weekly swim instruction for Preschool and Pre-K classes
  • Sign Language program for Toddler class
  • Daily gym time for all classes




Healthy U is a collaborative partnership between the New Jersey YMCA State Alliance and the Horizon Foundation for New Jersey with the goal of combating childhood obesity through nutrition education, physical education and family involvement. The YMCA of Western Monmouth County is proud to incorporate Healthy U in school age and preschool programs.

Enrichment Program


You’re entrusting us to care for the most important person in your life. We believe that during a child’s formative years, nothing is more important than experiencing a wide variety of enriching activities in a warm, safe and loving environment. Our state licensed childcare program has been carefully designed to provide your child with the best possible learning opportunities. We are committed to developing each individual child’s physical, social, intellectual and emotional growth.

“This place is the best kept secret!  We have been to four daycares and this is the only one we would never leave.”–Mary Ginn, child care grandparent


Ages 6 weeks to 15 months

Our infant room provides individualized attention in a “home away from home” environment that is safe, clean and secure. Warm, nurturing YMCA staff works with you to create a partnership in caring for your very special baby.

We respond to your little one’s individual schedule of needs. Daily reports will be sent home to keep you in touch with your child’s milestones and routines.

Classrooms are carefully designed to take into consideration your baby’s need for interactive play, self-discovery as well as quiet time. Monthly themes and activities stimulate your child’s natural curiosity.

In an atmosphere that encourages growth, exploration, and the development of social, physical and language skills, your child’s potential can be achieved.


Ages 15 months to 27 months

Our waddler room provides a comfortable, nurturing and stimulating environment for our young toddlers to transition from the individual schedules of the infant room, to a loosely structured flexible setting.

During these months, waddlers experience tremendous growth particularly in their ability to understand, imitate, remember and convey thoughts using simple language. During this stage, their ability to understand is 10 times greater than their language skills, often causing frustration.

Our warm, patient staff will encourage your child to develop their independence, social interaction, and self-esteem. They will provide age-appropriate play spaces that are safe and inviting. They will support your child in developing basic self-help skills, fine and gross motor abilities, intellectual and language skills and sensory exploration. Waddlers will have their first introduction to routines such as meal time, nap time, circle time and story time.

Our waddler program has all the comforts of the infant room while encouraging individual growth, curiosity and independence.


Ages 27 months to 3 years

Our toddler room provides a world of hands-on learning and play. Through a structured, yet flexible routine, children are encouraged to explore, try new things, and make new friends.

Our caring staff guides your child to build cognitive, language, motor, and social skills through the use of sensory activities and the introduction of group interaction and games.

While playing in our carefully designed learning centers, toddlers have opportunities for self-discovery. In addition to our classroom experiences we play and learn in our newly constructed toddler playground and pre-school gymnasium.

In a fun and stress-free environment, your child is introduced to feeding, dressing, and potty-training. At this important stage of growth and independence, we work at your little one’s own pace, along with you, to develop these important self-help skills.


Ages 3-4 years (must be fully potty trained)

Pre-school programs are offered either year-round (on a full or part-time basis) or for 10 months (on a part-time basis).

Our pre-school program stresses socialization and interaction while introducing an academic element. In a fun and motivating environment, we set the foundation for enthusiastic learning and future academic success.

Planned around weekly themes, our program emphasizes age-appropriate, hands-on projects, activities, and learning centers. As a reinforcement to our curriculum, children will be introduced to lessons on the computer. To enhance your child’s gross motor skills, gym time, swimming lessons and outdoor play are part of our program.

We emphasize the whole child and are sensitive to their individual needs. Our teachers understand that your child’s intellectual, emotional, physical and social growth play an important role in their development.


Ages 4-5 years (entering Kindergarten the following September)

Pre-K programs are offered either year-round (on a full or part-time basis) or for 10 months (on a part-time basis).

Our Pre-K class is a readiness program designed to give your child the foundation necessary for a successful transition to kindergarten.

We offer a curriculum that expands upon the fundamentals learned in our pre-school program while incorporating essential kindergarten skills necessary for future academic achievement.

Our program combines structured classroom experiences with creative learning centers, helping your child to develop self-confidence, independence and a sense of accomplishment. A fun-based, educationally-sound curriculum will enhance your child’s academic success and love of learning. Classroom challenges will be modified for all levels, allowing children to work, play and learn at their own pace. The Pre-K curriculum also includes computer lessons, swimming, gym and outdoor play.



Katie Rouse
Katie RouseChild Care Director
I was born and raised in Freehold and I have been working with children since I was a teen. I have two very sweet step-children and two younger children that you will see in the Infant and Toddler rooms here at the Y. I am passionate about early education and its immeasurable valuable in a young child’s development and most influential years. I have a Master’s degree of Education with certifications in Reading Recovery, English as a Second Language and Administration. I have had the privilege of teaching in both inner city Philadelphia and Hangzhou, China, before returning to my hometown to join the YMCA Childcare family. When I am not working at the Y you will find me dancing and playing games with my friends and family, playing on the beach, and traveling to new places.
Robin Harrington
Robin HarringtonChild Care Program Coordinator
Married and the proud mom of 3 amazing children, I began my career at the Freehold Y in the Babysitting Room on a part time basis in 2005, I became more involved working in the classrooms and taught Gym & Swim, Gymnastics, Kiddie Kapers and Munchkins on the Move. I proudly took the position of Program Coordinator in 2010 knowing I could put my passion, creativity, and strong family values to good use and provide the fun, safe and nurturing environment we strive to create here. I enjoy planning events for the children and staff to enjoy throughout the school year and our summer program as well. The staff here is more like a second family and I value, appreciate and respect them for the work they do every day. I value all of the relationships I have formed with all the children and their families over the years and hope I have impacted their lives as much as they have mine!
Anna PiterowWaddler Room Head Teacher
Anna has been with our Child Care Team in a part-time capacity since 2010. She started in our Babysitting Room but has most recently been assisting in the Waddler Room for the past few years. Anna is originally from Poland and has a Master’s in Education from the University of Warsaw. She teaches Polish language, culture, history and tradition to US born Polish students for 13 years in Brooklyn and Lakewood. Anna’s hard work there was rewarded by receiving the National Education Medal for outstanding merit in the field of Education by the Polish Ministry of Education.
Inga Larko
Inga LarkoInfant Room Lead Teacher
I was born and raised in Germany and moved to the United States 14 years ago. I went to the Brookdale College for my Early Childhood Education. I have 11 years of experience working with children. I enjoy working with infants, watching them grow and reaching their important milestones. I have one daughter, Julia, who attended the YMCA Child Care Center. She still enjoys coming to the summer camp here. I love living in Monmouth County. In my spare time I like to travel, go to the beach, ski, watch the Giants, and listen to live music.
Lorraine Schlosberg
Lorraine SchlosbergToddler Room Head Teacher
I have been working with young children for the past 30 years in various child care centers. I started as an assistant teacher for 8 years at the YMCA of Western Monmouth in the Child Care Center and then received my CDA at Brookdale College. I have been in my current position for the past 12 years. I am also a proud parent of 3 adult children and a grandmother of 3 age,s 1,3 and 4. Most of my free time is spent with my grandchildren who mean the world to me. As a teacher I strive to create a loving and nurturing environment for my class. My goal is to make sure all my students are thriving and that they get the best care they deserve.
Jenna Sivilli
Jenna SivilliPre-K Head Teacher
I have been at the Freehold Y since 2009 as both a teacher assistant and summer counselor. I became the Head Teacher of the Pre-K Classroom in 2014. I graduated from Georgian Court University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in English. I am dual certified as a Teacher of Elementary Education and Teacher of Students with Disabilities with subject matter specialization in Language Arts and Literacy. I love this job because no day is ever the same. We may have some challenges every now and then but what job allows you to bring out your inner child? It’s an amazing feeling watching the children grow with excitement for an activity they love or when they discover a new concept. Children at this age love to learn. My favorite part of the year is when we start practicing our sight words and word families and we begin reading! It’s amazing how much these kids learn and develop by mid-year. I strive to make my classroom a safe, fun and nurturing environment where my students can grow to their potential. My goal is to prepare my students for kindergarten, not only with a strong foundation for reading and mathematics, but also encouraging both confidence to succeed and independence. I am very proud of my little ones and nothing is more bittersweet than handing my future Kindergarteners their diplomas at graduation.
Fran Stein
Fran SteinPreschool Head Teacher
I have been a YMCA employee for over ten years. I began my career teaching middle school in Brooklyn. I transitioned to preschool when my family moved to New Jersey and I needed to find a school for my daughter. My goal is to provide a nurturing environment that is educational and fun. I strive to help each child reach his/her potential.