Pre-School Taekwodo

Ages 3-5
Traditional program designed to enhance fitness while teaching basic skills and developing discipline, confidence and self esteem.

Variety Sports

Ages 3-5

A pre-competitive instructional program to teach fundamentals, rules teamwork, sportsmanship, strengthen individual motor skills and enhance self esteem. Your child will be introduced to a variety of sports in a fun and nurturing environment.

Kiddie Soccer

Ages 3-5
Learn and develop your soccer skills and ball handling.

Youth Basketball

Ages 7-13
Develop and enhance your skills and teamwork.

Youth Travel Basketball Team

7th & 8th Gr. (6th Gr. evaluated)

Youth Self Defense Karate & Safety Awareness

Ages 5-11

Parent/Child Basketball

Age 3-4 yrs.
What better way for your child to learn a new sport than with you! With leadership from one of our expert coaches, your child will work on the basics of dribbling, shooting, and teamwork. This class will give you a multitude of new drills to work on with your child at home!

Game Time

Ages 7-13

Class strictly for those who just want to play ball! Get buckets as well as exercise, in this SCRIMMAGE ONLY program. With referees, scoreboards, as well as some coaching advice; this class is perfect for those looking to find extra playing time. Parent volunteers welcome!

Animaton 101

Ages 10-16

This course will teach the fundamentals of animation, while allowing children to be creative and original. Working with Stickbots and new app technology, students will use their program time to create their very own short films! Class will be held in overflow room.

Instructional Basketball

Ages 5-13 yr.
Enhance gross motor movement; develop hand eye coordination and a sense of teamwork through learning the skills of basketball.

She Got Game

Ages 7-13 yr.

This class is for our girls who love to hoop. Girls will learn the basics in basketball which include shooting, passing, dribbling, defensive and offensive moves, and so much more. The class will include fun basketball drills and games. Participants will also learn the importance of teamwork and playing together.

Private Sports Lessons

Ages 5-17 yrs.
One-on-one private sports training lessons with our qualified sports instructors are available for children aged 5-17 yrs. Sports include but are not limited to basketball, soccer, tee-ball, tennis and football. Participants are coached according to their age and skill level.

Advanced Basketball

Ages 7-13 yrs.
Take your game to the next level! This class is designed for the child who is serious about basketball and wants to learn the fundamentals of the game. We will focus on dribbling, shooting, passing and most importantly, teamwork. Participants will take part in drills to help improve on skills in all areas of the game.


Ages 5-10 yrs.
Designed to develop fundamental soccer skills while learning teamwork, strategy and sportsmanship. Children will learn basic fundamentals, strategies, rules of the game and much more! Our advanced class will offer a more competitive and fast-paced class for more experienced soccer player looking to advance their game.

Box for Kids

Ages 9-13 yrs.
Making fitness fun! Our full-body boxing workout will change your child’s body, clear their mind, and engage their spirit.

Junior Fitness Club

Ages 10-12 yrs.
Club meets once a week for 8 weeks. Tweens will learn how to follow Fitness Center rules and procedures, how to use the cardio equipment safely and properly and how to stretch before and after a workout. At the end of the 8 week session, each child will receive a special lanyard which he/she must wear when using the Fitness Center cardio equipment. After completion, Tweens (ages 10-12) will be able to use the Fitness Center without parental supervision during off-peak hours.

*Please note that not all classes may run every session or at every branch.