Preschool Classes & Youth Sports

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At the Y, we believe sports and fun go hand in hand. Along with improving health, whenever teamwork is involved, there’s the added benefit of being connected to others. That’s why we offer so many sports and activities at the Y. With a game or sport to offer almost everyone, there’s no such thing as being too young or too old to get in the game.

YMCA Youth Sports programs promote healthy kids, families and communities by placing a priority on family involvement, healthy competition, the value of participation over winning and team building. Parents are encouraged to be more than mere spectators by contributing their time as volunteer coaches and team parents as well as being their kid’s number one fan.


Freehold YMCA

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Simple Science

3-6 YRS.
Children will explore the world of science through guided step by step, hands on, cause and effect activities.


Sports & Swim

Age 2-5 (2 yrs. old with parent)
Well-rounded age appropriate movement education program. Children will be escorted to the Instructional Pool for swimming instruction.


Pre-School Taekwodo

Ages 3-5
Traditional program designed to enhance fitness while teaching basic skills and developing discipline, confidence and self esteem.

Biddie Soccer

Ages 3-4
Learn soccer fundamentals – kicking, passing and teamwork.

Kiddie Basketball

Ages 5-6
Learn the fundamentals of the game. Emphasis on ball handling and teamwork.

Kiddie Soccer

Ages 5-6
Learn and develop your soccer skills and ball handling.

Youth Basketball

Ages 7-9
Develop and enhance your skills and teamwork.

Youth Self Defense Karate & Safety Awareness

Ages 5-15
Call 732-396-3371 for further information.

Tae Kwon Do

Ages 5-12
Martial Arts works on focus, attention, self-esteem, balance, flexibility and goal setting

Old Bridge YMCA

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Indoor Playground

Ages 1-3 yrs.
This is the ideal way to get children moving in a safe indoor play space.  Let your children have the run of our gym space with other children their age. Indoor Playground provides families the chance get to know each other while running, jumping, climbing, balancing, and playing.

Y Juniors

Ages 1-3 yrs.
Y Juniors is an introduction to sports movement. The purpose of the class is to help build your child’s motor skills, hand eye coordination by having them play various sports and fitness activities that will help them become more physically coordinated all the while introducing them to sports movement and sports culture. Sports include Tee ball, Soccer, Basketball and other age

Intro To Lifting

Ages 14+
Learn the correct way to start lifting and implementing a body-building program.  Focus on clean eating, proper form and program design.  As you gain experience you will learn to push your muscles harder.

FITHIT for Kids

Ages 10-14 yrs.
These small group training sessions (2-4 people) are carefully designed to burn calories, build lean body mass, burn fat, boost metabolism and most importantly get results.

Y Hike

Ages 7-13 yrs.
Develop a love of nature and the outdoors through hiking! This outdoor class is a great way to learn and exercise, all while having fun! Students must wear sneakers. Please apply sunscreen/bug spray before class.

Intro to Volleyball

Ages 7-13 yrs.
Youth volleyball is an exciting sport combining team play and individual skills. Your child will learn how to bump, set and spike correctly, along with positions of the game. Every child will learn new techniques as well as make friends and have fun in the process!

Intro to Martial Arts

Ages 4-10 yrs.
Self defense, confidence, and discipline are taught by world-class martial artists, in a fun and interactive environment, all while learning the basic movements and techniques needed to create a great martial artist. Each class will be taught by a Certified Instructor with years of experience teaching students of all ages and skill levels.

Instructional Basketball

Ages 5-13 yr.
Enhance gross motor movement; develop hand eye coordination and a sense of teamwork through learning the skills of basketball.

Private Sports Lessons

Ages 5-17 yrs.
One-on-one private sports training lessons with our qualified sports instructors are available for children aged 5-17 yrs.  Sports include but are not limited to basketball, soccer, tee-ball, tennis and football.  Participants are coached according to their age and skill level.

Advanced Basketball

Ages 7-13 yrs.
Take your game to the next level! This class is designed for the child who is serious about basketball and wants to learn the fundamentals of the game. We will focus on dribbling, shooting, passing and most importantly, teamwork. Participants will take part in drills to help improve on skills in all areas of the game.


Ages 5-10 yrs.
Designed to develop fundamental soccer skills while learning teamwork, strategy and sportsmanship. Children will learn basic fundamentals, strategies, rules of the game and much more! Our advanced class will offer a more competitive and fast-paced class for more experienced soccer player looking to advance their game.

*Please note that not all classes may run every session