What if I can’t pay?

Our fees are based on a financial needs-based sliding scale.  For those who have difficulty making payments, arrangements can be made.

What are the qualifications of your counselors/therapists?

Most of our therapists have a Masters degree in Social Work or Clinical Counseling. In addition, many clinicians are licensed or certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors, and many are specialized in different areas.

Is there a waiting list?

Due to the high demand of some programs, unfortunately there may be a short waiting period between the time the services are requested and the time services begin. Our agency will make every effort to provide services as quickly as possible.

What ages do you provide services for?

Our services are provided for ages three through adult.

Do you take insurance? What type of insurance do you take?

Yes, we take Medicaid. We are a provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Horizon and Magellan, as well as Aetna and QualCare. We also accept out of network benefits.

How do I access your Psychiatrist?

Our Psychiatrist can only be accessed through our clinical staff by those receiving counseling services.