One of the primary benefits of working for a YMCA is that you will be enrolled in the Retirement Plan, the pension program for almost all YMCAs in the United States since 1922. In the course of your YMCA career, if you move from one YMCA to another, your savings move with you because they are always at the YMCA Retirement Fund. Over time, contributions, combined with the interest earned, can help you build savings for the future.

New YMCA Employees

As soon as you become an employee at a YMCA that participates in the Retirement Plan, you may begin making contributions to a 403(b) Smart Account or roll over money to the Tax-Deferred Savings Plan from other eligible employer plans or IRAs.


To be eligible for the Retirement Plan, you must complete 1,000 hours of YMCA service during each of any two 12-month periods, beginning with your date of hire. These two years do not have to be consecutive, and they may be spread between more than one YMCA in each of the two 12-month periods. You must also be at least age 21. Once you meet the eligibility requirements, your YMCA will enroll you in the Retirement Plan.

Voluntary Contributions

Add to your retirement savings by making voluntary contributions. You can start, stop, or change the amount of these contributions at any time. By contributing to a 403(b) Smart Account, you postpone paying income taxes on contributions and all interest earnings. You can also roll over money from other eligible employer plans or IRAs. Once you are enrolled in the Retirement Plan, you may contribute to an After-Tax Account.

Watch Your Money Grow

While you’re employed by a YMCA, your savings grow based on the level of contributions being made and interest credited to your accounts. What’s more, the earlier you begin to contribute to a 403(b) Smart Account or After-Tax Account, the larger your savings will grow.

The money contributed to the Plans is placed in a variety of investments, including stocks and bonds, to ensure future growth and to assure retirement income to all participants who retire from a YMCA. Twice a year, the Board of Trustees declares the interest rate that will be credited to your accounts, based on how well the investments perform and other considerations.

When you retire, you’ll receive a lifetime annuity, which is a monthly payment for the rest of your life. If you wish, you may select an annuity option that will also pay monthly income to your spouse or another person after you die.

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