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sonj-logoSpecial Olympics New Jersey Sports

Our Freehold and Old Bridge Branches host the Special Olympics New Jersey Swim Team weekly practices.  In addition, the Freehold Branch hosts the weekly Special Olympics New Jersey Volleyball Team practice.  Click here to learn more about the Monmouth Marlins Special Olympics Swim Team

Special Olympics New Jersey Membership Discount

The Freehold and Old Bridge Branches offer a discounted membership providing 50% off the regular membership rate for Special Olympics New Jersey athletes.

Adaptive Swim Class

The adaptive swim class at the Freehold Y will work with students who have physical or intellectual disabilities. The class design will focus on skill progression as outlined in the Special Olympics New Jersey aquatics coaching guide.  Carol McMullen, Marlins  Special Olympics Swim Team head coach, is the head instructor with a team of staff and volunteers.

Challenger Swim Lessonsspop

At the Old Bridge Branch, children with special needs have the opportunity to explore the water as a therapeutic medium to strengthen muscles, normalize muscle tone, provide sensory input, stretch tight muscles, body in space awareness and more.


The Young Adults Special Needs Aqua Cardio Class at the Freehold Branch provides a setting encouraging socialization and camaraderie for participants as well as caregivers.  Parent/buddy participation in the pool is welcomed. Young adults aquatic cardio fun with a varying format of calisthenics, resistance moves, Aqua Zumba, swim skills, and games.