Help us make this summer the Best Summer Ever!

At Camp Zehnder we are always working to beautify our camp and can use many items that you may no longer need or want. We ask that you please think of us when you are spring cleaning if you come across any of the following:

  • Wooden picture frames (without the glass, 8×10) – to use in paper making
  • Decorative duct tape
  • Gift cards to Home Depot, Target, garden supply centers, bike repair centers – to use for small camp project supplies
  • Camp scholarship donations – cash, check, online…

Recycled Materials (clean and dry with no food residue):

1. Paper towel tubes

2. Egg cartons – cardboard type

3. Newspaper – black and white pages – not shiny sale fliers

4. Medium and large cardboard boxes

5. Plastic bottle caps – all sizes and colors

6. Red Solo cups

Left over Items (partially used fun things):

1. Decorative Duct tape

2. Clear packing tape

3. Tiles – light colored, at least 3x3inches

4. Little prizes or toys from gift bags

Other ways you can help us with our Wish List:

  • Purchase & Plant a tree for shade near the playground.
  • We are in need of deer-resistant shade and full sun perennials, vegetable plants, herb plants and wildflower seeds.
  • Volunteers with talents to lead a special activity during camp.
  • Donate your time. We know you’re busy, but your time and talent can make a real difference for Camp Zehnder. It can be clean-up, planting, painting or odds and ends, we can use all the time you can offer. Make it a family contribution! So, please join our team today.

Your help will be greatly appreciated!

For more information, call 732.836.9177, ext. 815 or e-mail